TJ Cox

California- District 21

TJ Cox is a clean air champion for Central California, where he was born and raised and now works as a small business owner.

Cox is an entrepreneur who has been committed to sustainability and a cleaner environment for decades. In college, he started a small business that provided and installed home energy-saving devices. In 2011, Cox founded the Central Valley NMTC Fund (CVNF) to invest in socially and economically disadvantaged communities in California’s Central Valley. Through this organization, he invested in improving air and water quality by funding an innovative biomass plant and helping to develop dairy digester projects to cut methane emissions and fight climate change. He has also founded two successful nut-processing plants.

In Congress, Cox will continue to fight for a safer and healthier environment for all. He is committed to protecting clean water for his community and creating a sustainable economy for our rural communities.

Cox joins the U.S. House after defeating Representative David Valadao, who earned a lifetime score of 4% on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard.

In his own words:

“Environmental values are community values in the truest sense. In Congress, I will advocate to bring more green jobs to the Central Valley and create a sustainable economy for our rural communities.”

LCVAF Press Release.