Max Rose

New York - District 11

Max Rose is U.S Army veteran dedicated to working to combat climate change in New York.

Rose is a former combat veteran who served in Afghanistan and was awarded a Bronze Star, a Purple Heart, and the Combat Infantry Badge, and currently serves in the National Guard. He has also served as the Director of Public Engagement and Special Assistant to the late Brooklyn District Attorney, Ken Thompson. Most recently, Rose served as the Chief of Staff for Brightpoint Health, a healthcare organization that empowers communities in New York.

As a representative, he will advocate to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement and work to fight against climate change.

Rose joins the U.S. House after defeating Representative Dan Donovan, who earned a lifetime score of 17% on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard.

In his own words:

Staten Island has been the victim of polluters and climate change throughout its modern history. My district has unusually high rates of asthma, breast cancer, and autism and it is impossible not to acknowledge environmental factors as a cause. To anyone who denies the reality of climate change, I ask them to come and tour the East Shore of Staten Island where evidence of Hurricane Sandy’s destruction still stands.

Source: LCV Questionnaire.