Jesus Garcia

Illinois - District 04

Jesus Garcia is a progressive voice on environmental issues, in Illinois, where he has led a lifetime of public service.

Garcia, who immigrated with his family from Mexico when he was ten, has served as a Chicago Alderman, an Illinois State Senator, a Cook County Commissioner, and Deputy Water Commissioner in Chicago. He supports government funding for clean energy sources and cares deeply about pollution’s impact on public health and particularly on lead poisoning in public water systems.

Garcia  joins the U.S. House to replace retiring Representative Luis Gutierrez, who earned a 91% lifetime score on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard.

In his own words:

“Climate Change is a real phenomenon that has been exacerbated and accelerated by human activities including our uncontrolled emissions of vast quantities of carbon dioxide and other global warming chemicals into the atmosphere. We can minimize further damage to the environment by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases as was proposed in the Obama Clean Energy plan and with support for alternative energy sources, more efficient houses and cars, etc.”

Source: Chicago Sun Times.