Ben McAdams

Utah- District 04

Ben McAdams is committed to clean air and clean water in Utah, where he served both in the State Senate and as the twice-elected mayor of Salt Lake County.

As mayor of Salt Lake County, McAdams worked with stakeholders to protect drinking water quality, supported the construction of energy efficient buildings, and worked on infrastructure and public transit plans designed to reduce carbon pollution. He has been strongly supportive of Utah’s multi-billion dollar outdoor economy and was instrumental in the development of the Mountain Accord, which brought together many different parties to manage the future of the Wasatch Mountain Range.

As a representative, McAdams will defend Utah’s treasured public lands, advocate for clean air and water protections, and support solutions to address climate change. He will fight to expand renewable energy resources and support new technologies.

McAdams joins the U.S. House after defeating Representative Mia Love, who earned a lifetime score of 2% on LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard.

In his own words:

Utahns value the beauty and open spaces of our state. They also know that we cannot take our environment for granted and that we have to work in a bipartisan fashion to ensure that what we enjoy now is available to future generations.

Source: LCVAF Press Release.